Open letter to Lebron James


Dear Lebron,

I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to thank you for the last four entertaining years of my NBA watching career. As one of the biggest Heat fans living in Miami, I thought you should know I am eternally grateful for the good you have brought to my city. Not to mention two more championships with four consecutive trips to the Finals!


I know you have a lot on your plate with the last few days and having to make a life-changing decision takes time but I just thought you should know as a true fan to the sport I respect you and any decision you make. Miami will forever be considered your home and family. This decision goes beyond money in my opinion and I have learned to understand that. Make sure you choose the right decision for yourself and ignore any ignorant and superficial fans you may have.

With that being said, I do want to express my concern with you wanting to return to Cleveland. Home is not always where the family is. Once you were gone you rose from the ashes of a burned Cleveland Cavaliers jersey and won two championships. If you return to Cleveland, you won’t be turning your back on Miami and your fans, but you will be turning your back on yourself.                                   


After all the scrutiny, disrespect, backlash and even an emotional ex-girlfriend type letter from the Cavs owner you succeeded! You are only deserved by those who are with you when you are up and when you are down.


Wish you the best regardless of where you end up! We hope you have enjoyed your stay in Wade county.   Sincerely a fan, Mike N.


3 thoughts on “Open letter to Lebron James

  1. Kerry W

    Dear Mike N,
    Thanks for the heartfelt letter. I agree with you and thank Lebron for everything he did with and for the Heat. In this ever changing world we live in, it is nice to know that some athletes are not all about the money ( yes, I know he will get paid the max) and Lebron chose with his heart. He also chose to forgive the haters, especially Gilbert, which shows the maturity he gained these last 4 years. I wish him the best and though I am sad to see him leave, I will always be a real Heat fan to the end.
    All about basketball,

  2. Great letter. Well articulated. I am afraid going back to C-LEAVE-LAND is like getting back with your ex. 90% of the time it never works out. Once respect and trust is lost it can never be the same with that person (organization). Home is where you grow up, build strength and courage, can always go back and visit, can be buried for eternity, but it’s not/should not be your current resident while living because life is expansive and forces us to move. The pit stop is not for racing, that’s done OUT THERE. Best wishes for the future but I feel your choice has limited potential like it had when you were there. You were always the prize, you don’t bring it home unless you’re putting it in a trophy case.

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